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4 Signs your Construction Company Technology is Still Outdated

iStock_000073042405_Small.jpgIt’s 2016, but when you walk onto most residential and some commercial construction sites, you still see hand-drawn sketches and paper galore. With construction technology innovating to encompass more mobility and cloud and new business software available to help streamline the construction process – there’s no reason that your organization shouldn’t be innovating. Think you’re doing okay with regard to your construction technology? Here are some signs that your construction company technology is still outdated:

  1. Your teams are using personal cloud services like DropBox and Google Drive to share files.
    Being able to share files is a step up from paper files, but if your users are still using their personal cloud services like DropBox or Google Drive to share them, this is a huge security issue. Personal accounts on cloud file sharing services are just as bad as sending your files out on thumb drives. (You’re not still doing that, right?) You can’t guarantee the security of their accounts and what happens if they leave your organization unexpectedly? Your data will go with them. It’s time to upgrade to professional cloud services to close the security gaps.
  2. You still have physical servers in your office.
    While I completely understand that there are certain situations where physical servers are required, in the construction industry there are an incredible number of software applications that are helping organizations streamline and keep themselves organized. Project management tools for collaboration with budgeting and forecasting built in just scratch the surface of capabilities with these applications. One of them is perfect for you and will help you take the first steps toward eliminating the liability that is your physical server. A qualified technology company or consultant can help you choose the best option for your business.
  3. Your field personnel still have to call the office for information and updates on projects.
    There’s no reason that your on site supers and project managers shouldn’t be directly connected to every file, job and employee in your organization. They need updates as things happen and projects change – and there shouldn’t be the risk of anything getting lost in the cracks. The more information that your on site managers have available to them, the more efficiently they can execute, which means that you stay under budget – which we hear clients love.
  4. Your estimators are still using spreadsheets and calculators.
    Modern technology allows you to put your budget calculations, estimates and spreadsheets into a central location where numbers can be calculated live based on what features you want within your software. is a great website that rates all the major construction industry applications to help give you an idea of which one might be best for your purposes. Eliminate the paper proposals and analysis spreadsheets to help your organization keep things organized.

For too long construction companies have been avoiding technology innovation, but 2016 is the year of customer experience. As we move towards the second half the year, make sure that you’re doing everything you can to deliver more efficiently on your client’s behalf to keep your business competitive. By innovating your technology, you’re automatically able to focus more on your customers and less on the shuffle of day to day operations.