HIPAA Compliance and Cybersecurity with Gavin Kent

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Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

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3 deadly cyberthreats aimed at your business (and how to stop them)

Don’t let a cyberthreat ruin your business. This guide offers straightforward tips on how to beat the most dangerous cyberthreats that you’re facing.
Online security

Smarter online security starts with these 4 tips

Use these 4 security tips to keep your organization protected from the threats that lurk online.

Identity Theft & Fraud Q&A with Expert Carrie Kerskie

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4 reasons your SMB should be concerned about a data breach

Data breaches don't just cause financial losses – they damage reputations and frustrate small businesses. Recent studies show that over 47% of SMBs experienced a cyber attack in the last year, and around 44% suffered multiple attacks. Here's why this should matter to you.
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Identity theft: Best practices for protection

Identity theft is a serious problem -- one that is continuing to get worse. According to news outlet CNBC, more than 15 million consumers were affected by identity theft in 2016, at a cost of $16 billion. We interviewed Carrie Kerskie, President of Griffon Force, and an identity theft expert to learn more about this problem.
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Identity theft: Understanding the threat [Part 1]

Understanding identity theft scams is your first step to staying safe. In part 1 of this 2-part series with expert Carrie Kerskie, we’ll discuss current identity theft trends and the three red flags that can help you identify a scam before you provide sensitive information.

Top 10 Local HIPAA Violations You Should Be Aware Of

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Anatomy of a data breach – what we learned from Target

Although Target is a multi-million-dollar company, every business owner can learn from the corporation’s 2013 data security event. Here we cover the major points of the data breach, including why the breach occurred, how Target responded, and what we can learn from the outcome.