Using unified communications to stay connected during COVID-19

Take a moment and consider all the face-to-face communication that takes place in your office throughout the course of a normal day. But, what happens when we are all working from our homes behind our laptops? This communication is still important, but the way it happens has to change.

How to be the best mobile version of yourself

Mobile technology is one of those crucial tools available to business that many overlook or fail to take full advantage of. If you find yourself doing business on the road a lot, smart use of your mobile device can make you operate more efficiently and offer more productivity.

Tech trends for 2019 & beyond

These are the tech trends that everyone — from IT entrepreneurs to YouTube influencers and tech junkies — will pay close attention to, while savvy business owners will pick and choose over which tech tools can keep them ahead of the competition.

Is This the End of Landlines?

Businesses are abandoning landlines in droves, with some telecoms companies predicting that the landline will be altogether gone by the year 2020.

The beginner's guide to all things VOIP

The advent of the internet has brought enormous changes to the…

Your communication checklist

Your employees create opportunities for your organization by communication via phone, text and e-mail. Each of these media formats can have advantages and disadvantages depending on your choices.