Managed Services

The 5 solutions your business should have managed

The last thing you should be worrying about while running a successful business is your IT. A managed service provider (MSP) is what every successful business needs to handle all of their IT concerns, that way you can focus on growing and leave those pesky problems behind you.

5 ways to train your employees on cybersecurity

Your staff members are likely taking online risks with threats that can affect your business. Here’s what you need to know to improve your security.

4 IT risk assessment blunders to avoid

IT risk assessments may be an integral part of your security management plan – but not all businesses know how to conduct a proper risk assessment. Here’s what to look out for.
Man in dark hoodie with the words "data breach" written in red"

4 reasons your SMB should be concerned about a data breach

Data breaches don't just cause financial losses – they damage reputations and frustrate small businesses. Recent studies show that over 47% of SMBs experienced a cyber attack in the last year, and around 44% suffered multiple attacks. Here's why this should matter to you.

4 SMB cybersecurity best practices you can implement today

The truth is that SMBs across the globe suffer damaging hacks every day. While it never helps to panic, you should treat this danger with urgency. In fact, there are a number of cybersecurity measures you can start imposing before the close of this very day.

How to prevent cyberattacks before they happen

Obviously, digital attacks will keep happening, and internet criminals will keep finding new methods to use and new weaknesses to exploit. However, you shouldn't resign yourself to a cyber attack. Instead, no matter your current operating budget, you can adopt effective preventive strategies.

How do I recover lost data? 5 steps to data recovery

While having a data loss strategy in place is by far the best option, there's still a chance that you'll be able to recover lost data using other methods.

3 huge data breaches from the last 12 months

You hear about data breaches all the time, but how can you enhance your own security and keep customer data safe? Read this to find out about some of the biggest data breaches from the last 12 months, and learn the steps you should take to safeguard your data.