When Dr. Suess Meets Technology…

Do you like spear phishing and spam?

I do not like spear phishing and spam.

I do not like them, Engineer Hayman.

I do not like it in my mail.

My workstation is the speed of a snail.

Last week we got cryptolocker,

Grandmother lapped our network in her walker.

Our antivirus definitions are out of date,

Our customers are starting to write letters of hate.

Encrypted traffic is sneaking through,

my router is letting it all in too.

Our backup is failing,

Our one-man IT team is flailing.

Hackers are having quite a ball,

But there’s really no one that we can call.

Our technology budget doesn’t exist,

so we’re pretty sure there’s something we missed.

We need IT strategy to apply,

So prospective customers don’t pass us by.

I do not like spear phishing and spam.

Can you save us? Give our workstations some RAM?

Our clients are becoming startled.

Since our VoIP services are a little garbled.

We need some help with all our tech.

If you can do it, we can write you a check.